Shred School - Advanced

  • 8Weeks
  • 2Steps


• all triads across neck, all four 3-note string groups - voice leading in all cycles • all 7th chords/inversions across neck (from major/harmonic minor/melodic minor chord families), 4 string groupings, starting points E - A - D - voice leading all cycles • framework for chord extensions • triad pairs- general concept + modal applications • intervallic diatonic chordal approach (i.e moving stacked 4ths through a key) • string skipping applied to both scales and arpeggios • using modal variations to step in and out i.e. Modal Variation Chart i.e. Painting with all the Colors • advanced cell patterns (odd groupings/jazz modes/extension based chords) • using both diminished and dom-diminished scales • more advanced sweep picking + economy picking • hybrid/chickn’ picking • selective picking/hammer-ons from nowhere

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